Life is an art,

My witting revolves around being more like a flâneur. This is not a self-help advice site, I’m the last person you want to emulate. after all, we are individuals with our own opinions, ways of acting, mistakes to make and lives to live.

Actis non verbis,

Due to my dyslexia and attention disorder, by nature I do things differently. Therefore, my writing won’t be close to anything Pulitzer worthy. However, it is my unique style of expression. I’m not against editing articles I’ve written, either because it can be written clearer, or maybe a misspelt a worm, or there are new opinions that need adding. Finally, I will probably contradict my self freely, why? I’m human.

Important tendencies:

  • regularly goes off on tangents
  • loves vague references
  • finds it tragically ironic that I can’t spell dyslexia (without autocorrect)
  • uses latin quotes randomly